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Brantt (°1977) lives and works in Ghent. As an artist he never pins himself down to one particular discipline or style, which means he’s active as a painter as well as a sculptor.

His recent paintings are colourful representing a strong affinity with architecture, in which the geometrical shape of the carrier provides an extra dimension. As an artist he breaks the classical visual recommended pattern of the artwork by means of various artistic procedures.

In his sculptural work Brantt cherishes a great fascination for construction. As architects Brantt likes to play with gravity, structure and colour. How do the clean white lacquered faces relate to the intense colour? The sculpture is the result of an tight direction of the artist on the one hand and a free game of colour and structure on the other hand.

Brantt, trained as a painter, recently started experimenting with conceptual art. As a conceptual artist Brantt likes to experiment and raise questions. How do public space and its infrastructure relate to its boundaries? What is the functionality and the autonomy of an object within a certain place? How do people react to the interventions by the artist? Although Brantt has only just started experimenting with this art form, he believes there is still room to grow.

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